Nursery School in Kunkujang

The construction of the public school in Kunkujang was the FVH’s first project in The Gambia. Later we expanded the school to seven classrooms to accommodate more than 300 children. And over time we added a vegetable garden, a playground, a football field, a kitchen and a space for sewing classes.

The FVH was responsible for the operations and maintenance of the school from 1997 to 2022. Extensive renovation work was carried out in 2017 to maintain the good condition of the infrastructure. In 2021, the FVH extensively renovated the protective wall that runs around the school.

After many years of good cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the teachers at the school, the FVH Board decided in late summer 2021 to end its involvement in Kunkujang at the end of the school year 2021/2022. The background to this decision is the focusing of resources on the TEC agricultural project, which we designed ourselves from scratch and where we see much more potential to make a contribution to the population of THE GAMBIA.

The Ministry of Education has fully taken over the running of the school and ensures that the school has sufficient human resources. We remain on friendly terms with the school management and the students and will pay regular visits to the school to ensure that the children are doing well.

FVH projects in The Gambia

Since its founding in 1998, more than CHF 2 millions has been invested to develop, support and maintain projects in the areas of health, education and agriculture in The Gambia. The FVH cooperates closely with the governmental ministries of The Gambia in order to adapt the country’s programmes and strategies in these areas. Please have a look at our current and past projects in The Gambia.

Since 2014: Tanji Education Center for Permaculture (TEC)

At the FVH General Assembly on 2 June 2014, the first step was taken for the Tanji Education Center for Permaculture (TEC). At that time, the FVH Board was mandated to launch a new project that had to be developed sustainably, was committed to education, created jobs and was in the sole responsibility of the FVH. This was triggered by the fact that The Gambia had meanwhile developed into one of the main countries of origin of African refugees and we wanted to initiate a project that would offer young Gambians the perspective of a secure existence.

Rossi Clinic in Pakali Ba

As the nearest medical station is more than 100 km away, in 2011 we decided to renovate a vacant building and set up a small clinic for births and primary medical care. In 2012 the clinic was named after a generous donor to the FVH.

Godchild Giki

Giki Barrow was born in 2000, and we support his education with the aim that Giki will be able to build a sustainable existence in adulthood.

«Wide Open Walls»

Wide Open Walls is an international and intercultural project launched in 2010, aiming to raise awareness of the need for peace, understanding and respect, allowing international creatives to experience Africa, and aiding the local community. It was founded by the British Lawrence Williams, wanting to enliven the area of the village called Galloya with a sustainable tourism and specific projects that helped the people of the area.

Some of the best artists from all over the world like Sickboy, Know Hope, Xenz, Tika, David Shillinglaw, RUN, Remi Rough, ROA, Lucy McLauchlan, INSA, Eelus, Bushdwellers, Broken Crow and Best Ever joined Wide Open Walls by creating art on the houses of Galloya. FVH ideationallysupports Wide Open Walls and made a donation in 2016 to maintain this amazing project.