The Fördeverein Humanitas (FVH) is a charitable organisation founded in Switzerland in 1998 and registered in The Gambia in 2013 to develop, support and maintain projects in the fields of health, education and agriculture.

About Förderverein Humanitas
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Förderverein Humanitas FVH was founded in Switzerland in 1998 as a charitable organisation and registered in The Gambia in 2013 to develop, support and maintain projects in the range of education, agriculture and health.  FVH is an association with more than 140 members trusting in the organization and supporting its projects in The Gambia – everything the association does, it does it in the name of its dear members.

FVH in The Gambia
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Since its foundation in 1998, the Förderverein Humanitas FVH has invested more than 2 million Swiss francs in projects in the fields of education, health and agriculture in The Gambia. Since its launch in 2020, our sole focus has been on the Tanji Education Centre for Permaculture (TEC).

Thanks to our many years of experience in development cooperation, we know that education is the only sustainable development aid for a country like The Gambia – be it through school education for children or vocational training for young adults.

Tanji Education Center for Permaculture (TEC)

Aerial view of our TEC in October 2023.

At the FVH General Assembly on 2 June 2014, the first step was taken for the Tanji Education Center for Permaculture (TEC). At that time, the FVH Board was mandated to launch a new project that had to be developed sustainably, was committed to education, created jobs and was in the sole responsibility of the FVH. This was triggered by the fact that The Gambia had meanwhile developed into one of the main countries of origin of African refugees and we wanted to initiate a project that would offer young Gambians the perspective of a secure existence.

The country
The Gambia

The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1965. It is entirely surrounded by Senegal except for its coastline on the Atlantic Ocean at its western end. The Gambia river has not only  given the small country its name, but also defined its geographical shape.

Our people

Förderverein Humanitas is supportet financially and ideally by its more than 140 members and many friends and partners. In The Gambia a team of experts, friends and supporters helps the association to roll out its projects as cost-effective and sustainable as possible. The responsibility for all projects is carried out by the voluntary FVH Board of Directors in Switzerland.

«À fonds perdu.»
This is how the jargon describes the gracious donation. Gone is gone. Goodbye forever. No investment. Just the idea that it’s good. Falls on good ground. Does good and is well lost. Somehow it hits back. With a feeling of happiness that is hard to grasp. With fruits that slowly ripen.

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In order to continue our ongoing projects and consider new ones for the future, the FVH depends on membership fees and donations. Any amount is highly appreciated and invested with care to maintain a sustainable development of all our projects in The Gambia. Approximately 98 % of all funds raised from our members, friends and charitable institutions go directly into our project work in The Gambia.